Saturday, February 23, 2013

Addendum to the Stoehr/Kaberich lines

I belong to the Clay County Genealogy Group, and thanks to one of my friends in that group I was able to contact a German friend of hers.  He is a retired archivist and enjoys researching, even for others.  Using church and civil records, he was able to extend our Stoehr and Kaberich lines well beyond my great great grandparents, Christian and Anna Maria (Kaberich) Stoehr.  They emigrated to the US in 1856 and I knew only their parents' names from their death certificates.  Eberhard confirmed that Christian was a miller and Anna Maria was the daughter of a miller.  He even found a living cousin on the Kaberich side.  I've written to her, but haven't yet received a reply.  Both families seemed to have remained in a small area of Germany which helped. 

On the Stoehr side, Christian's father was Andreas, which I knew from Christian's death certificate.  What I didn't know was that he had 9 children!  Christian had 8 siblings, from oldest to youngest:  Heinrich, Anna Martha, Lorenz (died young), Lorenz, Karl, a stillborn child, Elise, and Johann August. Christian was born in 1821, behind Anna Martha.  Andreas' father was another Andreas and his father was Michael Stohr, born about 1720 in Bergheim.  His son, the first Andreas was also born in Bergheim, but died in Spangenberg, where the family remained.

Not only did Eberhard find the history of the Stoehr family, but , beginning with Andreas' wife Anna Elisabeth HeuBner, he found HeuBners back to Johann Christian HeuBner, born 1675, and his father Valentin HeuBner, who died in 1679!  Anna Elisabeth HeuBner's mother was a Schade and he followed this family as well back to Johann Henrich Schade, born 1691 and his father Lorentz Schade.  Seeing any familial names in these lines? 

On the Kaberich side Anna Maria Stoehr's father was Nicolaus Kaberich.  We now have his father's line going back to Dietrich Kebberich, born probably in the late 1600s.  His son Johannes apparently had 2 sons named Johann Nicolaus, one born in 1758 (our line) and one born 1766 (the living cousin's line).  Our Johann had Nicolaus, born 1785, the father of Anna Maria, Christian's wife. 

Interestingly, another researcher on had posted information on a Vincent Kaberich, which Eberhard was able to confirm as a cousin to Christian who emigrated to the US in 1851.  He married into a Liebermann family.  Two Lieberman girls married two Bittlingmeyer boys and their father Christopher Bittlingmeyer married Marianna Kaberich, whose father was George.  Christopher and Marianna emigrated to the US in 1853.  Both they and Vincent seemed to have stayed in NYC.  I've asked Eberhard to look into this.

Eberhard sent me pictures of Spangenberg, home of the Stoehr family and Obergeis, beautiful spots!


sissigirl said...

Judi, please contact me concerning Vincent Kaberich. Have information on Liebermann girl married Bittlingmeyer. Would love to know more from you. I am going genetic testing and could use the family information you have. Thanks, JER

Judi said...

Sorry I'm four years late in replying. If you want to try again, I'll check here more often. Judi